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Starting a business. Our experience so far.


Where to begin? lets start from the day one.


It was at the February 2016 when Sam and I originally thought to ourselves that we could set-up and run our own graphic design company, Scary times but we thought that anything worth doing was bound sure to be scary in one way or another. I remember messaging Sam and from what i can remember, the text conversation went a little like this...


Matt - “Hello Mate, I hate my job, fancy starting our own company?”


Sam - “Yes mate, I've been thinking the exact same thing.”


Let it be known, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.


A little back story - Sam and I have known each-other for over 10 years now, we met during our first year of college studying a national diploma in Graphic design. Since then our friendship has grown and grown. Once we had successfully finished our college course we decided to both apply to the university of Portsmouth where we would continue our educational journeys together. (More on our educational mischief in future blogs).


Once we had decided to start a company, our first step was to create our brand. First things first, THE NAME!


As you could imagine, we had no idea where to start. We considered everything linked with graphic design and branding but nothing seemed to hit that sweet spot. We tried sayings and words which described us and our personalities, but still nothing seemed to capture the essence of what we were trying to achieve.


One evening we created the biggest mind-map you could possible imagine to help narrow down our choices. This was when it hit me. I had been in work the previous day and I remembered a certain saying that stuck out in my mind. I had been called a 'Mac Monkey' by a fellow work college in a jokey derogative way. The term basically refers to a designer as someone that sits at a desk all day and designs anything and everything for anyone who asks, some what of a slave to his work and to his apple mac computer.

This term really stuck with me but not in a negative way, i saw it more of a compliment. YES! I’m a mac monkey, i love to sit and design. I can sit at my desk for days and days designing something i truly love. This term to me summed up everything i am, and i loved it!

When i mentioned this term to Sam, it almost immediately stuck, it had a ring to it, a cheeky, fun and remember-able charm which we couldn’t ignore. This is where our name came from. We were officially "The MakMonkeys" and the world was our oyster.


Our Next Blog... The Logo.

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