Meet the monkeys.

We are the creative minds behind makmonkeys creative studio. We are here for all of your design needs and wont stop until we finish every project to the highest possible standard.

matthew harle

Co-founder & Creative Director



Matt is a designer who is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals alike bring their ideas to life through beautiful and more importantly, functional design.


With an expert understanding of concepts like branding, messaging and promotion  he is an extremely capable designer.


samuel harris

Co-founder & Creative Director



Oxford born Sam is not phased by any task however daunting or broad. Armed with a majestic eye for detail, Sam is the king of consistent structure,  white space and elegant typography.


Sam basically makes things look good, he likes to think there’s more to it than that (which there is)  but creating engaging design is what he desires…


After a cup of coffee of course.


About us.

We are the MakMonkeys, we are a full service creative agency, based in Oxfordshire with a knack for great ideas that help businesses grow. To create designs that speak with authority, honesty and clarity, we think anything worth designing is worth designing well. We believe that inside every brand is a message that people want to hear. Our job is to make that message sing.


We’re a multi-talented pair of individuals working closely with clients to create fresh new ideas, to help develop and rejuvenate brands. We produce work for clients both big and small, locally and internationally.


We also believe in relationships, with our clients and their brands. We see image making, photography, illustration and development as core tools for telling a story and have in-house resources allocated to delivering all of these with a clear, single voice.








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